Finding Your Perfect Plan

Turbo Plan

INR 4,999

7-9 stocks
Turbo Mega Plan

INR 9,999

15-20 stocks

Turbo Plan in short

The plan is ideally suited for retail investors looking to make quick gains over a short span of time. The stocks are essentially picked up with a shorter span of holding, in view of forthcoming good news for the Company or the Sector or the stocks that are trading too cheap for no reasons. It encompasses companies from small cap and micro cap space having the potential to generate big return for the investors. It also includes IPO advisory to ensure a decent listing gains quickly. Turbo plan is a plan to make the maximum gain from the market within a few days to max a year’s holding.

What makes this plan special

• Stocks for quick gains. No prolonged holding and capital lock in
• TechnoFunda picks that satisfies both technical and fundamental screens
• Strict stop loss to minimize losses
• Recommendations only when sure shot opportunity comes. Not calls for calls sake
• Recommendations for quick IPO listing gains , Micro-cap and SME stocks
• Real time recommendations through SMS, Mail and Telegram Channels
• Short and to the point investment thesis behind each call
• Personal guidance and hand holding
• Portfolio allocation suggestions

Turbo Plan

• Portfolio allocation suggestion
• Multibagger potential Stocks
• Buy sell avg Alerts ( SMS + Mail + Telegram)
• Existing Portfolio Review ( quarterly)
• Cyclical bets
• Short term Value trades
• Micro cap and SME stocks
• IPO listing gains
• Special Situations